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Елсим Комерс ООД

The company was established in the year 1990 with the name „SELMA“ – „Systems Electrical Machines“. The main focus of the company was design and production of patented electrical devices such as „Hot plate” , „Ionizer for automobiles”, power transformers and commutations for household appliances. The production area was around 100 m2.

In 1994 the company transformed into „Elsim Commerce“ LTD and by that time it focused mainly on the manufacturing of cable ware – bundles, harnesses and assemblies for all types of products from the field of electrical engineering, electronics, energetics, construction industry and the mechanical and automotive engineering. We designed and patented our own brand of welding machines and starter kits. The production area had grown to 350 m. 2

By the year 2000 we had already started designing of cable ware, bundles and assemblies as well as redesigning them in accordance to their area of application so they can fully match our client’s needs.

Around that time the company started manufacturing and exporting products for the end consumer.

The production area has become 750 m. 2

Since that time the company made considerable investments into new machines and equipment as well as in the construction of a new factory with 2000 m2  production area. This made it possible to start a new production line for metal processing – machining on automatic lathes and pressing on eccentric presses. Currently over 70% of the production is exported.